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I studied Graphic Design at Central St Martins in London. 

Soon after I moved to Paris to work for Philippe Stark, doing illustration and design for a year.

I came back to London to open a design studio with two of my classmates - Fredrik Nordbeck and Matteo Manzini. We called it “Foreign Office", an unorthodox creative collaborative that slowly built an impressive list of projects and clients through the years.

I worked as a director, creative, designer, animator, illustrator, producer, chef, cleaner, therapist, hairdresser, driver, coffee girl, runner and more on countless projects covering print, web, tv and feature film. 


We did numerous title-sequences including Stephen Frear’s “Mrs Henderson Presents” and four of “Harry Potter” films. We also created and directed content for the feature film “Children of Men” and documentary “The Shock Doctrine” by Alfonso Cuaron and Naomi Klein.

I personally won a BAFTA for Best Short Film directing a Children Environmental Awareness short Film for Nickelodeon.

For a full display of work have a look at:

We closed our studio after 16 years of hard work in order to retain some of our mental sanity.

I presently work as a freelance creative, designer and illustrator in London.

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